Airtech HVAC Engineering, founded in 2013, is a pioneer in the HVAC industry in Bangladesh, specializing in industrial, commercial, and residential HVAC services, we have become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions that guarantee optimal climate control. From the comfort of your home to the efficiency of office spaces, we offer bespoke air conditioning solutions.

Our commitment extends beyond conventional HVAC services, encompassing industrial refrigeration tailored to the unique demands of restaurants, hotels, canteens, and ice machines.

At Airtech HVAC Engineering, we pride ourselves on seamlessly blending innovation and reliability to ensure our clients experience unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Our Services

HVAC Services
Elevate your workspace or home with cutting-edge air conditioning solutions that prioritize comfort and energy efficiency.

Boiler & Steam Distribution

Ensure the efficiency of your operations with our expert services in boiler and steam distribution systems.

Industrial Refrigeration
Our industrial refrigeration solutions are customized to the specific needs of businesses, offering efficient and reliable cooling for diverse applications.
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Industrial AC Services
Specialized industrial air conditioning services tailored to the unique demands of various sectors.

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